Staff Bios

Vaughn Pegram– CEO & Office Manager -No matter what your question, she can probably answer it, or quickly and efficiently find the answer for you. Vaughn has been in this field since 1991 with training in all phases of agricultural chemical use, business management &laboratoryprocedures, she has a well-rounded background and lots experience to draw on.She is one of the co-founders of AV Labs, Inc. and supervises every aspect of the company, from laboratory testing, reporting, and billing, to field sampling and scheduling.

Alma Barajas– Microbiologist, Chemist, and Lab Manager-With years of training and experience in Pharmaceuticals she is no stranger to precision and accuracy in her work. Whatever your analytical needs you can be sure of the results. Alma is also a co-founder of AV Labs, Inc. and has been working in the agricultural industry since 1985. She holds the quality and accuracy of the lab to a very high standard as she manages daily lab activity.

Portia Nicholson– Lab and Field Technician -Vaughn’s daughter, she has been helping mom out in the field since a very young age. She is the designated sampler at AV Labs, Inc. with years of experience both in the field and the lab. Being very well rounded, when Portia is not in the field she is in the lab helping with the testing of samples, making sure there are enough solutions for the following day, or typing reports.