Soil Packages

Soil Tests and Packages

S1NO3, NH4, P, K, S, B, Zn, Mn, Cu, Fe, Ca, Mg, Na, pH, EC, OM$55
S2NO3, NH4, P, K, S, B, Zn, pH, EC, OM$37
S3(Alfalfa) P, K, S, B, Zn, pH$32
S4NO3, NH4, P, K, S, pH$32
S5NO3, NH4, S$25
S7Dryland Package:
1′: H2O, NO3, NH4, P, K, S, pH, OM
2′: H2O, NO3, S
3′: H2O, NO3
*Additional Feet – H2O, NO3

S8Individual Analysis:
NO3, NH4, P, K, S, B, Zn, Mn, Cu, Fe, Ca, Mg, Na, pH, EC, OM, Eff, H20
S9CEC – Cation Exchange Capacity$30
S10Total Nitrogen$25
S11Total Bases (Ca, Mg, Na, K)$27
S12SMP Buffer pH – Lime Requirement$15
S13SS, pH, Na – Gypsum Requirement$30
S14Soil Texture Analysis – Hydrometer Method$25
S15Chloride Analysis$20
S19Nematode (With Identification)$65
SP1Soil Saturation Paste$80
SP2Soil Saturation Paste + S1 Complete Analysis$125

*Our standard Phosphorus Method is “Olsen” Bicarbonate.
Please Note – If the soils come from “West of the Cascades”, the Morgan Method is used as the standard. Let us know if you are more accustomed to seeing P in “Morgan”, “Olsen”, or “Bray” format, and we will run your samples accordingly.

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