AV Labs is a “Full Service” agricultural and water testing lab located in the “Heart of the Columbia Basin”. We opened in 2001 when Vaughn and Alma put their heads together, to give the farming community exactly what they need. Othello, Washington puts us right in the middle of an immense farming community where we offer laboratory analysis on Soil, Plant Tissue, Feed, Water, Fertilizer, and Manure as well as custom field sampling for soil and plant tissue, composite and geo-referenced grid sampling is a few examples.

Using two 6×4 John Deere gators to facilitate sampling we are able to work well in a field with deep circle tracks. With six high flotation tires on the ground they leave very light tracks while navigating soft soils and rough terrain, allowing for early entry into the fields with little to no crop damage.

Big or small, we test them all. Whether you have a single soil sample from your garden or 1 acre grid samples from 1,000’s of acres of wheat, potatoes, or orchards, it makes no difference.

We are here to help you, do what you do, the best way you can. Thank you, for letting us accommodate you, in doing your job better!

We also offer drinking water test for nitrate and bacteria. We can facilitate any other water tests that you may need, by subcontracting them to another lab if needed.