Established in 2001, Vaughn and Alma have made AV Labs an Ag industry leader, with their “Hands On” Testing Methods and Comprehensive Reporting.

AV Labs is a small family-oriented company, with multiple generations working hand-in-hand to use decades of experience gained in the agriculture industry. 

We make it a priority to have:

  • Great Communication Skills
  • Excellent Teamwork
  • High Quality Testing Methods and Procedures
  • The Best Customer Service you can find!

Big or small, we test them all!

Whether you have a single soil sample from your garden or 1 acre grid samples from 1,000’s of acres of wheat, potatoes, or orchards, it makes no difference.

Business Hours

Monday–Thursday 8am-5pm
& Friday 8am-4pm

Winter Hours > Monday–Friday 9am-4pm

*All Water samples must be received in the lab by 3:00pm Monday – Thursday

*Water samples are NOT accepted on Fridays!*

We DO NOT accept Credit Cards

We are excited to be a part of your agriculture family for many years to come!

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