Drinking Water

*Please make sure to call our office at (509) 488-2468 if you are dropping samples off at Soil Test in Moses Lake, before Noon on Tuesday, that need couriered to A.V. Labs!

  • For Public Group A & B Systems, Private Households, or Building Permits.
  • We offer Present/Absent results for Coliform Bacteria and E-coli.
  • Drinking water samples must be in the labs possession within 24 hours from the time they are taken.
    • Drinking water brought into the lab after the 24 hour hold time will NOT be accepted.
  • To maintain accurate, quality results, water samples are read after 24 hours of being received.
    • WE DO NOT accept waters on Fridays!
  • Samples with cracked, chipped, or leaking bottles, will NOT be accepted and the client will be asked to retake them, due to possible contamination.
  • It is recommended that drinking water samples be chilled over ice to <50°F and must be kept from freezing.
  • Drinking water collection bottles can be obtained either directly from A.V. Labs, Inc. in Othello or from Soil Test Farm Consultants in Moses Lake.

We will courier drinking water samples from Soil Test in Moses Lake, Tuesdays @ Noon, if we have been notified that samples have been dropped off. We do not always go to Moses Lake, so please make sure you call, if leaving a sample at Soil Test.

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